Service-Linked Roles Service-Linked Roles is an IAM feature introduced in April 2017, providing a more secure way of delegating permissions to AWS Services, which create and manage resources on your behalf.  A service-linked role can only be used by the AWS service that it is linked to and provides a AWS Managed IAM policy with … Continue reading Service-Linked Roles with CloudFormation

The AWS Sydney Summit is less than two weeks away and it promises to be bigger than ever, running over three days at the International Convention Centre – Darling Harbour. The event is a fantastic way to explore the ‘Art of the Possible’ and let your imagination run wild. The event typically attracts a wide spectrum … Continue reading ‘Art of the Possible’

Since the CloudTrek Big Data Big Heart Hackathon I have had the pleasure of playing around with an Amazon Echo Dot lying around the CloudTrek office. Alexa is Amazon’s line of voice-enabled virtual assistants (that has yet to be released in Australia) and unlike other virtual assistants such as Siri or Google assistant found in modern … Continue reading Alexa and Echo Dot go to school

Develop a curious mindset

September 20, 2017

“It’s not the technology itself, it’s the impact of it .… focus on that impact” Glenn Gore, Chief Architect, Amazon Web Services We are always at Day Zero. We stand to gain so much when we reset our expectations, experiment and learn from others’ experiences, failures, and successes. This open-ended approach enables change, challenges long-held paradigms and … Continue reading Develop a curious mindset

Here at CloudTrek we work on a data lake project for one of our customers. This is a company with global presence, with databases of all different kinds scattered across the world. One of the recent requirements for the project was to capture data change in sources that are ingested over regular period of time. … Continue reading DIY Change Data Capture using Amazon Athena

CloudTrek would like to introduce their very own APN Cloud Warrior. We are super pleased that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognised the effort and talent that all of our team members put in every day to provide awesome outcomes for our customers. We are especially pleased that Mark has been selected for the Cloud … Continue reading CloudTrek AWS Warrior Q&A Sessions: Episode 1

The old adage of throw more hardware at it always works right? All problems can be fixed in the cloud by selecting the next instance up. (Insert credit card here). The temptation with managed cloud based services, such as Amazon’s Relational Databases Service (RDS) is to upsize your way out of trouble. The case may … Continue reading Upsize your RDS Database (or not as the case may be)

Nginx is well known for its performance as HTTP server. However, it can also accomplish many advanced tasks including proxy, reverse proxy, mail proxy, etc. In this post, we’ll look at a use case of how you might use Nginx as a reverse proxy to simplify the way you access Presto web interface. Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) … Continue reading Nginx as Reverse Proxy for the AWS EMR Presto Web Interface

AFWOC and Storage The Amazing Fantastic World of Cloud (AFWOC -Trademark Registration Pending) offers lots of exciting services for the humble carbon based life form to use – for a nominal fee calculated in less than yearly increments. Most people associate cloud with compute; we all know it’s just PCs running in a shed somewhere. … Continue reading Cloud Based Object Storage Primer

Pro-Tip: Documentation

August 3, 2017

Documentation getting you down? Don’t worry the solution is at hand. Just make sure every instruction step is a haiku. The documentation will write itself. To start the instance. Select the right instance type. Then wait while it boots It seems like it’s hard. But you to can do it to. Go forth and write … Continue reading Pro-Tip: Documentation