Nginx is well known for its performance as HTTP server. However, it can also accomplish many advanced tasks including proxy, reverse proxy, mail proxy, etc. In this post, we’ll look at a use case of how you might use Nginx as a reverse proxy to simplify the way you access Presto web interface. Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) … Continue reading Nginx as Reverse Proxy for the AWS EMR Presto Web Interface

AFWOC and Storage The Amazing Fantastic World of Cloud (AFWOC -Trademark Registration Pending) offers lots of exciting services for the humble carbon based life form to use – for a nominal fee calculated in less than yearly increments. Most people associate cloud with compute; we all know it’s just PCs running in a shed somewhere. … Continue reading Cloud Based Object Storage Primer

Pro-Tip: Documentation

August 3, 2017

Documentation getting you down? Don’t worry the solution is at hand. Just make sure every instruction step is a haiku. The documentation will write itself. To start the instance. Select the right instance type. Then wait while it boots It seems like it’s hard. But you to can do it to. Go forth and write … Continue reading Pro-Tip: Documentation

Sometimes, the answer is right under your nose. Just there. See. I just got caught out applying an IAM instance role to a Server using Cloudformation (CFN). All of the answers were in front of me, it’s just that I got too comfortable doing things the way I always did. When you create an instance … Continue reading Subtle as Cloud Formation


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